Salla Valle (b.1990) is a performance artist based in Helsinki. She has studied visual art in Art School Maa and live art in Kankaanpää Art School, from which she graduated as BA in the spring 2017. Her thesis was about materiality and immateriality in performance art. Nowadays Valle is working mainly with performance and has performed e.g. at Lapsody Festival and Conference in Helsinki 2017, Performance Crossings Festival in Prague, Czech Republic 2018 and Performensk Festival in Minsk, Belarus 2018. Valle has also been active in organizing performance art events.

Valle creates performances using time, body and presence as her tools. She relies on minimal aesthetics and builds her works out of simple materials and clear ideas using surroundings, infrastructure, sound and objects. The starting point of all her works is the subjective perception, weather the topic is climate crisis or feases. For her it is important to share the same time and space with others in a live situation.