Too late to clean

Duration: 3:38
Exhibited in Interstice – Without Words group exhibition curated by Laura Puska and Sanaz Raffii, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2020

The video shows a situation where things have been left undone and a catastrophe is about to break out. A condition where the mess has escalated functions as a metaphor for an individual crisis of piled up personal problems as well as a larger scale humanitarian and climate crisis. The common thing in both is the loss of control as a consequence of prolonged disregard. Making a mess is often impulsive and fast action, whereas cleaning, repairing and maintaining takes much longer time to execute and is not very highly valued work in our society.

In the video I am exploring the destructive power of the most daily life actions and ”normality”, which is deeply rooted in a modern human’s lifestyle, including myself.