Untitled (The Run)

Duration: about 20 min
Performed at Performance Art Now! event as a part of Island of Relations exhibition
Kuninkaansaari, Helsinki, Finland
Curating: Salla Valle and Timo Viialainen

I created this site specific performance as a response to the location where I performed it. I took the audience on a high cliff with a spacious landscape view. In the first part of the performance I run through the landscape in an orange raincoat as the audience could follow my moving from a long distance. In the second part I climbed to the cliff where the audience was and made small gestures with stones. My aim was to study the proportions of the landscape and duration, as well as to play with the focus of the spectator. My intention was to blur the line between the performance and everything else, but also to frame in this “everything else” by making a performative gesture.

Photo: Joona Mäkelä
Photo: Laura Myllykangas
Photo: Joona Mäkelä